In order to maintain and improve the quality of our movies and slideshows, it is important to stay active. Our current projects range from film making to producing new, sophisticated camera equipment. Have a glance at our current projects:
Style of Gravity Ski Movie Project
Ski-shortfeaturemovie TRAUM LEBEN


Red Bull X-Alps 2009 Special Camera

Travel Scandinavia - About Bigwalls and Boulders...

It's summertime - time for travelling. Everything is packed and the fingers are burning for rock because it's time to use some friends and nuts at the beautiful bigwalls of Scandinavia. But we also brought our crashpad because there are wonderful virgin Boulders far up North.

We will travel over the polar circle all the way up to Kvaloya and the wonderful Lofoten islands, to small village Hell, into the Setes- and Nisedal and will stop whenever we feel like it.

So stay tunde we will keep you up to date...



Documentation The Red Bull X-Alps 2007 featuring Michael Gebert
Since 2003 Red Bull organises probably the hardest paragliding race in the world called X-Alps. Since the beginning at least one member from SoG was part of the foto- and video team.
This year they are shooting a documentary in cooperation with the Sichtzeit GMBH for the famous TV Station Pro7. They go along with one of the toughest guys the German Michael Gebert (26) to film him at the hardest experience he has ever had in his life. He somehow has to make his way from the Dachstein to Monaco (more than 850 km) either with his glider or on his feet.


X-Alps 2007 TEASER:
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Even tough, Michael had to give up because of a leg injury at the 5th day, he decided to accompany his fellow athletes to support them. For him this race was still a personal victory. He was happy to congratulate the winner in Monaco.
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Shortmovie Enlightenment

enlightenment [in'laitnmnt]
Format: 16:9, black and white, DVCam
Audio: Stereo, 48 khz.
approximate length: 12 min.

The topic of an extreme, or maybe even narrow minded way of life (like many extreme sportsmen live it) has been criticized and dealt with many times.
Enlightenment is a movie, which does not judge or favour a climbers life over a "classic job-life" which has high acceptance in our society. Still this film should
motivate you to think about your own way of life - whatever it may be like.
The film tells the story of a young climber, who's life is entirely focused on his great passion - climbing. After having done his hardest climb yet he is suddenly confronted with another
way of life: a normal job.

The movie project is supported by: Cine Styria

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Documentation - Adventure Cognition - The surveying and mapping of the world

In the event of global warming also the glaciers of the Himalayans have been retreating drastically. A team of motivated scientists of the Dresden University of Technology took a trip into the region of Mount Everest and Lhotse, Nepal, in order to gather information about global glacier retreat which stands in close relation to our drinking water supply and has a strong effect on the future of our planet!

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The Dachstein Southface cave, Austria, may turn aut to be one of the biggest caves on earth. The goal of another team of scientists from the Dresden University of Technology was to find out how big the whole system is. This was realised with a brand new 360° rotational laser scanner. The size of the cave is important for the scientists to find out how much water can be stored during snowmelt.

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On the frequently used routes of the North sea there are many wracks lying on the sea bottom. Because of the movements of the wracks there exists high danger for all ships. It is the job of the boat called WEGA to keep the data of the maps of the German bight up to date.

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Style of Gravity has accompanied this special expedition with their cameras. The movie is being edited by the German production company Sichtzeit. A trailer will soon be uploaded

Slide Show Online
Apart from what can already be downloaded on the Photography section of our homepage sample pictures and one- to twohour slide shows will be available soon. Among these we are featuring an expedition in the Chilenean Andes, a trip to Kirgistan and the legendary The Trip and Crossing the Lines slide show.
Portable camera support
Filming under extreme conditions means that you need light and flexible camera equipment. Even though different companies offer a great variety of camera support you still sometimes do not find what you are looking for. S o G got creative and started to construct and customize its own, very special gear…