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  The newest Style of Gravity production- Traum Leben; Trailer of the movie:  
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Not another Ski Movie ;)

The lonely skier glides in perfect turns over virgin powder; stunning cliff drops during the magic ride... Every big budget ski movie has that. "Traum Leben" (translated "Dream Life" in German) got that as well. But more.
This movie doesn't only show breathtaking landscape and superb action shots, it adds another dimension that gives depth to the superficial world of freeski movies. The 25 minute feature movie production, gives an authentic insight into the world of freeskiing, and the often very harsh reality of the rider. Skiing isn’t always like the latest commercial, there is hard work behind every jump.
This motion picture gives hope that these perfect moments do exist in reality. Style of Gravity, is the production company behind the young action sports movie makers. "Traum Leben" is now their fourth movie which was running in Austrian movie theaters, and is now available on DVD.

The Story
The flick "Traum Leben" tells the story of two young ski bums, who are propelled by their love and passion towards skiing besides their tough everyday lives. As vivid as dreams can be, as gray emerges reality of the two young ski addicts. Instead of powder they experience rain, instead of the perfect run they have to master the obstacles of everyday life.

The 3 headed production team unified stunning skiing footage with an authentic story. Without big budgets, most expensive camera equipment, and a huge production team, they managed to produce outstanding footage; the creative editing impresses with loving detail.
With charm and honesty they offer a unique possibility for outsiders to get a glance into the world of Freeskiing. Nevertheless insiders are well provided with rad cliff drops, cool descents and a bit of self irony.

The background
"For me it was most important to not produce a conventional ski movie", says Chris Hoerner, producer and director, who was as well present in front of the camera. "A lot of action sports movies only consist of action sequences accompanied with music. The crux for me was to create a movie, which tells a story. I really hope to be able to reach a broader audience because of that" The two movie characters "Dani" and "Chris" offer the unique possibility to step into the fascinating world of freeskiing, they provide the possibility to maybe share the same passion in the future. "We did not want to make a movie, just for the core of freeskiers, who celebrate the newest trick over and over again. The movie is about the ski spots and nature experiences with friends, the esthetics of motion, which exist in everyday life." says Christoph Hoerner additionally.
The team was rather small. Consisting of Ulrich Drechsler, the cameraman who possessed endless patience even in temperatures below zero in snowstorm, and Daniel Feichtinger, rider and co-director.
The boys are neither team riders nor contest participants. Nevertheless they are powered by their passion for the sports, mountains and snow, and they have proven that even without these attributes you are able to excel in skiing and have a good time while doing it.

Core freeskiers also get their share, with high quality footage, as well as never before seen footage throughout newly developed camera perspectives. The three young Austrians came up with some highly innovative framings, that will provide the audience with fresh content. The self made camera rigs allow all the emotions of the skier during his descent to be seen. To make the best out of it, they were able to generate (without a helicopter) amazing footage, with the reliable help of a lot of duck tape.

The movie was made around the Gastein valley in the Austrian Alps, near Salzburg. "It was important for us to show the community, that it is not always necessary to go to Alaska or some other exotic place in the world, to show awesome descents, perfect snow and incredible landscape," says Daniel Feichtinger, rider and co- producer,: "Therefore we are just ourselves and speak authentic Austrian" - The movie is subtitled.