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Style of Gravity presents "Enlightenment" [in'laitnmnt]
Format: 16:9, black and white, DVCam
Audio: Stereo, 48 khz.
length: 12 min.
The topic of an extreme, or maybe even narrow minded way of life (like many extreme sportsmen live it) has been criticized and dealt with many times.
Enlightenment is a movie, which does not judge or favour a climbers life over a "classic job-life" which has high acceptance in our society. Still this film should
motivate you to think about your own way of life - whatever it may be like.
The film tells the story of a young climber, who's life is entirely focused on his great passion - climbing. After having done his hardest climb yet he is suddenly confronted with another
way of life: a normal job.

The movie project is supported by: Cine Styria


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Enlightenment - A film by Armin Buchroithner, Christoph Hoerner and Stefan Ribitsch

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